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Deadworld War Of The Dead CoverIDW Publishing has announced the return of Deadworld, a classic zombie comic.  In addition, co-creator Gary Reed has come back to the undead series.  The shuffling brain-eaters have taken over the world.  Desperate humans cling to hope while factions of uniquely sinister zombies wage war and conspire against one another.  

“It seems like everything with Deadworld over the years is culminating towards this storyline, yet at the same time, it is an opportunity to introduce new readers to the Deadworld saga. That’s why I’m so excited about this series, as it accomplishes both” said co-creator Reed.

Deadworld has been through a number of different iterations over the years.  Reed has collaborated with artist Sami Makkonen for the upcoming War of the Dead series this August.  IDW will be releasing this five issue series weekly.  That's right.  All five issues will be available for your reading pleasure this summer in full color, which is a first for Deadworld.


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In addition to War of the Dead, IDW will also release Deadworld Classic: Volume 1 and Volume 2 once again, along with Deadworld: Last Siesta.  That's a lot of zombies for the month of August.  

I've never read the book but it definitely sounds like a unique take on the zombie story.  What do you think about the upcoming onslaught of Deadworld titles?  Which comic are you most excited about?





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