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Lately it seems that the inner director of special effects artists is winning its battle to get out. First off Neil Marshall collaborator Paul Hyett took the jump from FX studio to director's chair with The Seasoning House, seen at this year's Film4 Frightfest. Now EMMY award-winning creature FX artist Shaune Harrison, who's worked on everything from Nightbreed to World War Z, is taking the same leap with his first feature, Decay.

Shaune is no stranger to directing, having previously completed four short films in The Grave, Skeleton Crew, Uninvited, and Red Light (starring Axelle Carolyn) which has been developed into the full-length film Decay. His vision for the film is a cross between Robert Wise’s The Haunting and The Changling as well as up to date modern ghost horror films such as Insidious, Paranormal Activity, [REC] and The Others.

Decay tells the story of a group of individuals who converge on an abandoned mill which is due to be renovated into luxury apartments. When one of the team discovers an anomaly in the basement floor the group splits up to investigate, uncovering a horrific secret hidden for decades and releasing the power of a dormant evil now awakened and hungry for revenge.

Check out the official synopsis and the teaser trailer and artwork below:

Blackthorne Mill.

The centre of a thriving business empire for over one hundred years its heart was torn out by the great depression, reducing it to a boarded up derelict. Now a vast empty edifice, its workers and machines are long gone.

Into the abandoned structure step Scott, Emma and Rachel, representatives from a property management company. Joining them is Nick, a National Heritage assessor. Together their task is to perform the final checks required to sign the building off for conversion. Unpacking their technology they get to work, but discovering an anomaly Nick and Scott investigate. Venturing into the bowels of the structure they discover a tunnel concealed beneath the building. Within it is a room hidden in the darkness, a tomb which was never meant to be found. As Nick and Scott assess the implications of their discovery something stirs, an evil spawned from the stain of a crime so horrific it permeates the very fabric of the building itself.

Along with their team leader Alice and night watchman Tomasz Kosminski, who harbours his own private agenda, they are about to uncover a decades-old secret festering in the dark. When night falls and their lights begin to fade they will be forced to fight for survival against an unstoppable force which knows no mercy. As the horror of the mill’s history becomes apparent and the dead rise through the decay, those left alive will be forced to escape or they will never see daylight again.

Some places should never have been found.




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