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He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows how to fight off hordes of the undead. That’s the idea behind Santa vs. Zombies, a new graphic novel currently on Kickstarter from Koji Steven Sakai and John Mayer. The 60-page book follows a burned-out Santa Claus who heads out on his last Christmas Even only to find a zombie apocalypse waiting for him. Aided by a few kids and a single mother, Santa rediscovers his Christmas spirit while saving the world from the undead.

Santa VS Zombies combines two of my favorite things…Santa and zombies,” explained co-creator Koji Steven Sakai. “If every day was a zombie Christmas I’d be happy.”

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“I was always the rebel as a kid, so I never pictured Santa as all cuddly, warm, and fuzzy,” said co-creator John Mayer. “I knew there was a guy under there who could kick some ass—I mean, he lived all those centuries—that had to take some BAD…This is my Santa!”

The Kickstarter campaign for Santa vs. Zombies is to print the graphic novel. Rewards include digital and physical copies of the comic itself, previous work from the creators, and a chance to be in the comic. At the time of this writing, it has 9 days left.

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