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Deep Beyond #1 from Image Comics hit this past week and has already sold out at the distributor level. Written by Mirka Andolfo and David Goy, illustrated by Andrea Broccardo, and colored by Barbara Nosenzo, the debut issue is getting a second pritning with a new cover by Andolfo.

Deep Beyond is a 12 issue miniseries set in an underpopulated future Earth where, devastated by the dire consequences of the millennium bug, the survival of mankind rests on the shoulders of a small number of people. Talented scientists who, despite the adverse situation and the stupid feuds that continue to divide the small number of people still alive, try to understand and study what is hidden in the depths of the abyss. Something mysterious and dangerous, which could eventually cause an even worse and more destructive catastrophe!

“I'm overwhelmed by readers' reception of Deep Beyond," said Andolfo. "I'm very proud of what we're doing with the whole team, and I can’t wait to tell the continuation of the story, with amazing art and colors, and, also, stunning covers by guest artist stars!”

Goy added: “We didn't expect the book to go to a second print in less than one week, and we couldn’t be happier. We are very grateful to the readers for the result, and we're working hard to make every issue better than the previous one.”

Deep Beyond #1 Second Printing is due out on March 10th, 2021.

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