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We got a taste of what kind of madness awaits us in Ravencroft with Ruins of Ravencroft: Cult of Carnage this past week from Marvel Comics. There are two more one-shots on the way (Sabretooth and Dracula) before we dig into the brand new series, Ravencroft. Marvel has revealed a sneak peek at what awaits us within the halls of the institute of the criminally insane from writer Frank Tieri and artist Angel Unzueta.

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“When Frank pitched us his idea for Ravencroft, I instantly knew he had hit on something special,” raves Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski. “And the one-shots quickly grew to a mini, which in turn expanded to Ravencroft becoming an important part of Marvel’s overall story plans in 2020. There’s all kinds of craziness coming!”

“We’re really telling the tale of two Ravencrofts. In the Ruins of Ravencroft one-shots, we’re taking a deep dive into the PAST… uncovering some of the previously unrevealed dark lore of the institution, which as readers will see is very much intertwined with some rather disturbing history of the Marvel Universe itself. In fact, one could even say the history of Ravencroft IS the history of evil in the Marvel Universe. Fans saw that demonstrated firsthand in the just released Ruins of Ravencroft: Carnage and that trend continues with the upcoming Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth and Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula.

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“These diabolical history lessons lead us to our five issue series, Ravencroft where we deal with Ravencroft’s PRESENT. Expect plenty of twists and turns and some really %^&*ed up surprises… and that’s not even me mentioning the VERY shocking prisoner who occupies Cell 616. And I’ll just let fans make of that what they will in the meantime…”


Ravencroft #1 is set for release on January 29th, 2020 with a cover by Kyle Hotz.

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