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Write Or Wrong CoverIf you've ever wanted to write a comic book but weren't sure where to start, you're in luck.  Transfuzion Publishing has collected the entries from the online column "Write or Wrong" by Dirk Manning into a handy book that will be released in October 2012.  Written over the course of five years, the book serves as a how-to guide to getting started in the comic industry.

“Readers have been asking me for years if and when I was going to collect the Write or Wrong columns into a book,” Manning explained. “Especially the early ones, in which I really delve into the nuts-and-bolts of making that transition from being someone who knows how to write scripts to someone who is actually out there working with artists and creating comics.”

Obviously some of the information in the earlier columns might be a bit outdated.  Manning is going back to those first entries to revise and update them for print to ensure that everything is as relevant as possible.  He hopes to make this the "Bible" for writers looking for guidance in creating comics.  

I had the pleasure of talking to Dirk Manning last year around the release of the third volume of Nightmare World.  We had discussed a bit of the Write or Wrong columns so I'm looking forward to the release of the collected edition.  It's certainly going to be much easier to read the book than it would be to sift through dozens of webpages to find everything.

This is the latest in an aggressive push from Transfuzion Publishing that includes reprints of Inferno from Mike Carey and Michael Gaydos and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Manning is definitely in good company here.  

Write or Wrong: A Writer's Guide to Creating Comics by Dirk Manning will be available this October from Transfuzion Publishing.  You can order it from your local comic shop using Diamond code AUG121318.  The book will retail for $16.99 and will be at least 156 pages.



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