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Folklore plays an important part in horror, creating all kinds of monsters over the centuries. Distant Shores, a new anthology comic, currently on Kickstarter, visits a number of stories with a new set of eyes, including Norse mythology, vampires, ghosts, and more.

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There are three stories included in this collection. You'll go back into Greenland's past to witness a battle between Vikings and vampires in a forever winter, get a new understanding of ghosting in the digital age, and see a version of mother nature herself as a feral infection consuming you from within. The anthology is described as the baby of Black Mirror and Saga with Stephen King for a nanny.

All three stories are written by Dane Styler and illustrated by Arturo Palacios, Jake Elphick and Ibrahim Aydin, and Chiara Colasanti. The comic clocks in at 32 pages. Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include digital and physical copies of the comic, posters, and collaboration for your very own story.

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