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While perusing the Kickstarter comics section awhile back, I stumbled upon Doc Unknown, a supernatural adventure comic written by Fabian Rangel Jr and illustrated by Ryan Cody.  That was for the second trade paperback.  Since then, the duo have completed a trilogy of stories starring the enigmatic Warren Williams as he protects Gate City from all kinds of evil.  While I love the trades on my shelf, I am super pumped to upgrade them later this year as Dark Horse Comics has announced a new hardcover collecting the complete series as well as the Boss Snake one-shot and pin-ups from Eric Powell, Mike Mignola, and more.

Here's the write-up from Dark Horse:

Doc Unknown follows Warren Williams, a fighter pilot during World War II who crashes his plane and is taken in and trained by the warrior monks of the secret temple of Min-Yao. After a Nazi ambush, Warren returns to Gate City as Doc Unknown, a mysterious man fighting for good. Doc Unknown must protect Gate City from ruthless gangsters, monstrous mobsters, possessed museum attractions, evil secret societies, vampire ninjas, vengeful ghosts, hypnotizing fish-women, and much more!

I'm a big fan of Doc Unknown, if you couldn't tell by the first paragraph.  The third volume, The War for Gate City, made my list of top 15 horror comics of 2015.  If you're a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, Hellboy, or just damn good adventure stories, this is the comic for you.

The Complete Doc Unknown is slated for release on July 19th, 2017.

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