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4 years on and Dying Light is far from dead

Studio: Techland
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Released in 2015

Dying Light was released by Techland back in 2015 as a successor to the Dead Island series, merging first-person action survival horror with the speed of parkour, and, of course, swarms of zombies. Four years later and the game has seen almost 16 million unique players, and actually saw an increase last year, which is rare. There’s life in Dying Light yet.

To celebrate its fourth anniversary, Techland launched an in-game event that allowed players to score double XP and grab legacy items such as the Rocket League Buggy skin. This kind of in-game event is exactly what keeps gamers running, leaping, and whacking their way through the world of Dying Light, along with the expansion pack, The Following – which included additional story, characters, and weapons.

Of the game’s continued success, Techland’s CEO, Pawel Marchewka, said:

The last four years have brought not only Dying Light, but also the whole company to a whole new level – our development and publishing teams have grown in people whose passion directly shows in our games.

Those talented team members and our dedicated community are a huge part of Techland’s DNA and have inspired us to keep Dying Light alive and running for so long.

Our tactics of constant community engagement and iteration based on direct feedback from our core players has been integral to this success – taking care to exceed the expectations of those fans and improve the game over time doesn’t just make existing players happy, it infects new audiences too.

If that’s not enough, hear from the fans themselves:

As someone who loves pretty much anything with zombies and is also a massive fan of the Mirror’s Edge series, I can completely see how Dying Light has managed to keep its fanbase for so long. I might even load it back up myself… Meet me on the rooftops in 10?

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