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Dynamite Entertainment has been cranking out variant covers lately exclusively through Indiegogo and I don't really know why. They've all been for comics that have already been released so it's a curious move. The latest is a new cover for Vampirella #1 featuring artwork from Anna aka “That Star Wars Girl.”

"There's nothing wrong with being a woman/being feminine or emphasizing that, and women and artists shouldn't be shamed for it either," said Anna. "That's why when drawing Vampirella I wanted to celebrate those elements of her character."

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Anna drew inspiration from Bruce Timm's art style for the piece. It's also done in commemoration of Anna's late sister, Ellen Rose. She's represented by the rose Vampirella holds in the piece along with a special back cover design.

There are three different versions available of this cover: A default version, a “virgin” edition without the logo and treatments, and a retro-themed image. There's also a limited run t-shirt featuring this last design as a separate reward tier or add-on.

The Indiegogo campaign has already reached its funding goal with almost a month left to go.

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