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Gather round, children for a spooky tale, or rather a few of them. Early Haunts, a new collection of stories influenced by classic tales is now available through Kickstarter. Penned by writer T.W. Burgess, illustrated by Mike O'Brien, Brian Coldrick, Brianne Newman, and David Romero, and colored by Bryan Valenza, the book features four chilling tales:

  • The Death Bride - An Italian Gothic Horror and a primary literary influence to Mary Shelley writer of Frankenstein.
  • The Wild Hunter - A German poem which acted as a major inspiration to Washington Irving, writer of Sleepy Hollow.
  • The Dish House - a Japanese ghost tale, which inspired Sadako in Koji Suzuki’s The Ring.
  • The House in Athens - The first appearance of a ‘chained apparition’, an inspiration to to Charles Dickens' ‘Marley's Ghost.’
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This is a pretty great concept and I'm definitely intrigued by it. Burgess continues to innovate within the genre and this is the next step in his journey.

Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include digital and physical copies of Early Haunts, book plates, and more. The campaign runs through November 6th, 2020. A stretch goal includes augmented reality on certain pages.

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