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A recent title that has caught my eye is Eclipse from Top Cow Productions and Image Comics.  The series, written by Zack Kaplan and illustrated by Giovanni Timpano, is set in a version of our world where a massive solar flare has made living in the daylight impossible.  Skin literally melts off if you set foot in the sun.  The first issue was pretty solid and sold out.  There's a second printing on the way.  The creators have announced that the comic will now be an ongoing series.  

"Happy to see Eclipse find a strong audience and warrant a continuing series!” said Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. “The first arc is amazing and the outline I just read for the second is even stronger.”

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Eclipse is a world where men fight over how to survive deadly sunlight, and as long as men’s hearts are dark, there will always be great conflicts to explore,” said Kaplan. “The response to this series has been simply incredible, and I’m super thrilled to continue this story. It’s going to be killer!”

Eclipse's characters and its world are like children to me, so I’m excited to continue to spend time with them,” said Timpano. “After a wonderful response from the readers, there is an even stronger incentive to do better than what we did in the first arc. Fear the sun!”

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