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As part of Free Comic Book Day this August, Fantagraphics is diving into a shared universe of sci-fi horror with Ed Piskor's Red Room. The series is set in a twisted world where criminals livestream murders on the dark web for fun and profit. While the series debuts in May with an oversized 64-page issue, this FCBD special will drop just as the first four-issue arc is ending. It also 100% original content exclusive to the issue. Although the series as a whole is intended for mature audiences, the FCBD issue is PG-13.

Red Room is a cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk comic that you can't unsee once you feast your eyes on the mayhem,” said Piskor. “Think of Red Room as modern day E.C. Comics, infused with the dream of Black Mirror. These are subversive, stand alone stories that are all part of a larger, twisted narrative.”

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Red Room will be told through a series of interconnected stand-alone stories, each focusing on unsavory characters that lurk in the most grotesque corners of cyberspace. That's saying something because the internet is a creepy friggin' place sometimes. The murders are a mystery and the victims are unknown. Business is booming and the viewership continues to grow.

The series will be published in a few formats including a monthly stand-alone comic book, then a trade paperback collecting the first four issues in the Fall. It will run for a total of 12 issues.

“This is no-holds-barred cartooning,” said Piskor. “Fantagraphics is the perfect publisher for this book, because Gary Groth is a fighter. I’m going to push the boundaries with this book and I knew I needed to have a publisher that will unequivocally have my back.”

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“We’re thrilled to both be continuing our relationship with Ed, who’s given us the perfect opportunity to get back into the monthly comic book periodical business,” said Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds. “Red Room peels back the curtain on a shadowy side of humanity. The series is chock full of graphically horrific imagery, punctuated by Ed’s sharp sense of humor, gorgeous cartooning, and dynamic storytelling.”

“This comic is going to make some people’s heads explode when they read it,” said Piskor. “There are already thousands of pre-orders for issue 1, so fans should let their stores know now if they want it added to their pull lists, especially if they want one of the collectible variants.”

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