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After the recently released Phantom of the Scan from AfterShock Comics, I was eager to see how the publisher would revisit the “One-Shock” format, telling one-and-done stories. Now I have my answer with Eden, a new comic debuting in May from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Dalibor Talajic, colorist Valentina Briški, and letterer Marshall Dillon. The comic explores the notions of love, creation, and heartbreak all through a terrifying lens.

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Tattoo artist Niles lives his life in a kind of daze. Minute after minute, he muddles through the repetitive moments of his job, his life and his guilt. All that changes when Eden walks through the doors of the tattoo shop. She’s looking for something...different...and she finds it with Niles. But Eden is a woman surrounded by deep mysteries...not the least of which is how and why her new tattoos vanish after only a few days. As Niles learns more about Eden, he is driven to fathomless depths of both love and horror.

“A few years ago, a good friend of mine took over management of a tattoo shop. Hanging out with him at the shop and talking about the business helped to plant the first bits of inspiration for the story.” says Bunn. “And, of course, because I’m me, my thoughts of the tale turned toward darkness. I knew I wanted to tell a story that was equally beautiful and dangerous and horrific. Sadly, my friend is no longer with us. He passed away several months ago. I would have liked for him to see this. He was a huge horror fan, and I think he would have loved it.”

Eden features a main cover by Talajic and an incentive cover by Tony Harris. It's set for release on May 5th, 2021.

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