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Indie publisher Scout Comics has announced another genre title that's right up our alley. The Shepherd, beginning in January 2021, follows a professor as he heads into the afterlife in search for his deceased son, exacting revenge on those responsible for his death along the way. The Shepherd is written by Ja and Roberto Xavier Molinari, illustrated by Ryan Showers and Luca Panciroli, colored by Heather Breckel and Pamela Poggiali, lettered by Jacob Bascle and Joel Rodriguez, and project managed by Jason Dube.

Prof. Lawrence Miller falls into a dark vortex of guilt and anger after enduring the tragic death of his teenage son from a drug overdose. He cannot shake the sense that his son is now a lost soul, wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and profoundly disturbed, he opts for suicide, pursuing his son into the afterlife. Once on the other side, he encounters his deceased father and is given a mystical pendant of great power. Unfortunately, in Lawrence’s hands it becomes a weapon that allows him to unleash his fury on those who brought the drugs to his son, leaving a trail of insanity and chaos in his wake. His existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger and his knowledge that he might have lost his way.

The Shepherd team has been interacting with Scout Comics at conventions and in an editorial scope for some time now.” says co-writer Andrea Lorenzo Molinari. “We’ve always admired their exemplary energy and drive and it was the most natural thing to want to be a part of that team. We have a lot of faith in the leadership at Scout/Black Caravan to take not only our title, but a lot of other titles, to the next level. With regard to the The Shepherd series in particular, we look forward to building our universe together for years to come.”

The Shepherd #1 is set for release on January 27th, 2021.

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