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Ex Sanguine CoverDark Horse Comics has announced Ex Sanguine, a new title from Tim Seeley, creator of Hack/Slash.  The book is a horror / thriller featuring vampires with a bit of romance tossed in.  Don't worry though.  Twilight this is not.

Ex Sanguine is my take on the vampire-romance genre, but instead of being full of longing and anguished staring, it’s full of brutal flirtations between two savage predators, one a vampire, one a serial killer,” said Tim Seeley.

The comic centers on two main characters.  One of which is a born killer, hunting men by the cover of darkness to satisfy her bloodlust.  The other is a vampire.  A bored one at that.  Saul Adams has spent hundreds of years on this world and he's got a stream of memories that leave him detached.  He's brought out of this haze by a group of federal agents looking to link Saul to a string of murders known as "The Sanguine Killings."  This serial killer doesn't just take the life of his victims.  Instead he paints primal pictographs using the blood of his victims.  The FBI sees a rage left in intricate patterns but Saul sees an art behind all this.

I'm a fan of Seeley's work not only on Hack/Slash but for his all too short-lived mini-series The OccultistEx Sanguine sounds like an interesting premise.  Almost like a murder mystery thriller.  The first issue is due out in November 2012.



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