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The anthology is a pillar of the horror comics ecosystem, allowing for talents new and old to rub shoulders and share some spooky stories. This September, Starburns Industries Press adds its own book to the mix with Fantasmagoria, a new quarterly horror anthology highlighting folklore from Mexico and the American Southwest.

Fantasmagoria #1 is written by Starburns Industries executive producer James Fino and Eric M. Esquivel. Artists include Fernando Pinto, Julieta Colas, and more. The book is inspired by the work of Rod Serling, William Gaines, and Al Feldstein. Esquivel describes it as “what would happen if you spilled your salsa on an issue of Tales From the Crypt and it somehow got infinitely more awesome.”

“If I see one more comic book about a vampire or a Frankenstein on the comic shop shelves, I am going to blow my brains out all over the Funko Pops display.” said Esquivel “Our world is huge, and violent, and weird. There are as many myths out there as there are different kinds of people. To me it's a crime, culturally, to keep going back to the same Eastern European guys over and over and over again."

“Even before growing up on a supernatural diet of Rod Serling’s Night GalleryKolchak The Night Stalker, and Stephen King novels,” said James Fino, “being raised in El Paso, Texas, exposed me to some of the most fantastic ‘true’ horror stories from Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico.  They filled my dreams and imagination and now I’m excited to team up with Eric and Simon to share our community’s creepy myths and legends through Fantasmagoria!”

Fantasmagoria touches on issues of racism and aggression in the news with the kind of humor Starburns fans have come to expect. Starburns Industries Press President, Simon Oré said “As a proud member of Trump’s America I know there ain’t nothing scarier than Messicans - so I figured stories ‘bout them would be good for makin’ folks scared.”

Look for the first issue of Fantasmagoria on September 26th, 2018. It will retail for only $1.99!

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