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Starting on July 24th, 2020, and running through August 2nd, 2020, Fantaspoa 2020's entire lineup of 130 feature films and shorts will be available for FREE online. Check out what's in store!

Following the announcement of its first sixteen titles, Brazil’s Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival is proud to announce the full program for its upcoming sixteenth edition, which will be held online and completely free of charge. The bold move is courtesy of an unprecedented partnership with Darkflix, a Brazilian video streaming service aimed at fantastic genre productions.

Fantaspoa 2020’s full lineup will consist of 47 feature films from 29 different countries and 89 shorts from 25 countries – totaling more than 130 films from 40 countries. The festival’s full lineup will be available for free on the Brazilian streaming platform Darkflix between July 24 and August 2, 2020 – with each title having a maximum cap of 5,000 views. While all films are geo-blocked to Brazil, the festival’s livestreams (which include talent and filmmaker Q&As, celebrity masterclasses, lectures, and more) will be available for free to the whole world.

Between its free films for Brazilian audiences and free events accessible to all, Fantaspoa now proudly hosts the largest online initiative of any film event in Latin America – and hopes that its attempts to combat social isolation through digital gatherings will be seen as a small but valiant way to help fight this unprecedented pandemic.

The full program, including all short films and feature films of the sixteenth edition of Fantaspoa is now available at www.fantaspoa.com.

The full feature film lineup of Fantaspoa XVI is…

Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made (David Amito and Michael Laicini, Canada, 2018) - Latin American Premiere

  • Aviva (Boaz Yakin, USA/France, 2020) - International Premiere
  • Bad Black (Nabwana I.G.G, Uganda, 2016)
  • Being Natural (Tadashi Nagayama, Japan, 2018) - Latin American Premiere
  • The Berlin Bride (Michael Bartlett, USA/Germany, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • A Brief History of Time Travel (Gisella Bustillos, USA, 2018) - Latin American Premiere
  • Butt Boy (Tyler Cornack, USA, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Cabrito (Luciano de Azevedo, Brazil, 2020)
  • Clarita (Roderick Cabrido, Philippines, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Comrade Drakulich (Márk Bodzsár, Hungary, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • The Color Rose (Courtney Page, Canada, 2020) - International Premiere
  • Crazy World (Nabwana I.G.G, Uganda, 2019)
  • The Curse of Valburga (Tomaz Gorkic, Slovenia, 2019)
  • Diabo Rojo PTY (Sol Charlotte and J. Oskura Nájera, Panama, 2019) - Brazilian Premiere
  • Entwined (Minos Nikolakakis, Greece/United Kingdom, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Feral (Andrés Kaiser, Mexico, 2018) - Brazilian Premiere
  • Fried Barry (Ryan Kruger, South Africa, 2020) - Latin American Premiere
  • Fulci For Fake (Simone Scafidi, United Kingdom/Italy, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Ghost Master (Paul Young, Japan, 2019)
  • God’s Hill (Daniel M. Carneiro, Spain, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • A Hairy Tale (Amir Homayoun Ghanizadeh, Iran, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • H0US3 (Manolo Munguia, Spain, 2018) - Brazilian Premiere
  • The Impossible Voyage (Noro Drziak, Czech Republic, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • James vs. His Future Self (Jeremy LaLonde, Canada, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Limbo (Tim Dünschede, Germany, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Nirvana Inn (Vijay Jayapal, India, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • The Old Man: The Movie (Oskar Lehemaa and Mikk Mägi, Estonia, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • The Pack (C. Martin Ferrera, Spain, 2019) - International Premiere
  • The Pandemic Anthology (Various directors, Brazil, 2020) - Latin American Premiere
  • Poissa (Arttu Haglund, Finland, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Porno (Keola Racela, USA, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Precarious (Wes Terray, USA, 2020) - Latin American Premiere
  • Resin (Daniel Borgman, Denmark, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • The Ringing Bell (Casey T. Malone, USA, 2020) - International Premiere
  • RK/RKAY (Rajat Kapoor, India, 2019) - International Premiere
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (Martín Blousson and Macarena García Lenzi, Argentina, 2019) - Brazilian Premiere
  • Salvation (Lee Chang Moo, South Korea, 2020) - World Premiere
  • Sator (Jordan Graham, USA, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Skull (Armando Fonseca and Kapel Furman, Brazil, 2020) - Latin American Premiere
  • Storonniy (Dmitriy Tomashpolskiy, Ukraine, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • To Kill a Dragon (Jimena Monteoliva, Argentina, 2019) - Brazilian Premiere
  • Toxic (Ariel Martínez Herrera, Argentina, 2020) - International Premiere
  • Two Heads Creek (Jesse O’Brien, Australia, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • The VICE Guide to Bigfoot (Zach Lamplugh, USA, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Who Killed Captain Alex? (Nabwana I.G.G, Uganda, 2010)
  • Zana (Antoneta Kastrati, Kosovo, 2019) - Latin American Premiere
  • Zombies in the Sugar Cane Field: The Documentary (Pablo Schembri, Argentina, 2019)

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