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Filmmaker Kevin Kangas has switched gears and instead of releasing a new movie, he's releasing his first novella next week, With Teeth. Having the pleasure of reading it already, this is a new and interesting take on the vampire lore. The action is non-stop, the blood is plentiful, and there's no fat to be found. And just look at that cover! It takes you right back to the '80s.

If you're a fan of the vampire genre, you're going to want to give this sucker (hahaha! See what I did?) a read.

Writer/Director Kevin Kangas, the filmmaker behind horror hits “Hunting Humans”, “Fear of Clowns” and “Terrortory”, releases his first-ever novella on March 8th, an action/horror hybrid that brings a new twist to vampires while keeping them terrifying creatures of the night. “When I think of vampires, I think of ‘Lost Boys’ and ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Near Dark’, stories that were fun and scary, and that’s what I intended when I sat down to write this,” said Kangas.

“With Teeth” tells the story of Guy Shannon, who hears rumors in the office that a troop of women hang out at the neighborhood park at night, and that what they do “will blow your mind”. His curiosity wins out against his better judgement, and he ventures out one night to take a look. His life will never be the same again.

Kevin Kangas is no stranger to horror, having written and directed seven feature films in the genre. His first film, “Hunting Humans”, became a cult classic, garnering raves and a perfect rating from renowned critic Joe Bob Briggs as well as becoming newsworthy when it was discovered in an actual serial killer’s truck. Kangas’ second film, “Fear of Clowns” was scooped up by Lionsgate and was followed by a sequel. Found-footage horror came next with “Bounty”, then the giallo-influenced “Garden of Hedon”. Kangas’ last two films, “Terrortory 1&2” were massive hits on Amazon Prime, the first being one of the top 100 movies on all of Amazon the month it was released.

“With Teeth” features a cover by graphic designer Erik Ashley that’s a throwback to the horror novels of the ‘80s that Kangas grew up reading. “I knew I wanted something that would fit in with the ‘Paperbacks From Hell’ motif”, said Kangas, “so I contacted Erik to see if he was interested. He’s done some amazing movie posters for me, so it was just a matter of seeing whether he was available and interested. Once again, he hit it out of the park with a design that’s modern yet wouldn’t have felt out of place on the shelf when I was a teen.”

The novella will be available in print and Kindle exclusively from Amazon on March 9th, and the Kindle version is available for pre-order now at a discounted price.

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