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Was it just last week we kicked off our Frightfest 2014 Films in Focus series with a look at Adam J. Spinks' The Expedition? Why yes, I think it was. Well, as mentioned in that article, the other string to Spinks' bow is the post-apocalyptic zombie horror Survivors and we have a collection of exclusive movie stills, plus a glimpse of the teaser trailer to show you.

While the concept of a survival story set against the aftermath of a zombie infection isn't particularly new, the director is promising something different. "With Survivors I wanted to take a genre movie and really push the boundaries of that kind of storytelling.", says Spinks. "As an audience we're used to seeing certain things and that can get a little bit predictable"

Producer Michael Beddoes added "Not only as filmmakers, but as movie fans ourselves, we know our audience has expectations when it comes to horror. With Survivors, we just know the audience is going to love what we've done"


In 2014, the dead will rise and the infection will spread in Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Films' Survivors. From director Adam J Spinks (The Expedition, All In The Method) and Award-Winning Producer Michael Beddoes (Lolotte) comes a remarkable, ambitious story about the depth of human courage in the face of an unstoppable enemy...

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