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Terrortory 2 Poster


Director Kevin Kangas (Bounty, Garden of Hedon) has shared the first poster and a picture for his upcoming anthology, Terrortory 2. He also shared who wrote the final segment, which is a delight for me.

Read what Kevin had to say:

A little update on Terrortory 2 – here's a first-look at the poster. The movie's 100% shot – we just completed the final segment, and we're super-pleased to announce that it's written by Stoker-nominated horror author Ronald Malfi. He's written some amazing books, so if you haven't heard of him, pick up his newest book Bone White to get a taste of how good he is.

The segment he wrote is called "The Fountain" and stars Stormi Maya (Death Kiss), Geoffrey Boggs, Ali Lukowski (You're [email protected]#Kn Dead!) and Baltimore legend George Stover (Nightbeast, WNUF Halloween Special, a hundred others). It's a good old-fashioned EC Comics Tales From The Crypt kind of story that I think people are going to enjoy a lot.


Actress Stormi Maya (click image to enlarge)

Terrortory 2 will premiere locally in July or August, and then the film will debut for everyone for free for one month on Amazon Prime on October 1st. Look for a final trailer and probably an alternate poster in September.

We're very excited for everyone to check out the expansion of the Terrortory mythos!

I really enjoyed Terrortory and I cannot wait to see this one (full disclosure, I was lucky enough to visit the set of both shoots). If you haven't seen the first Terrortory yet, make sure you give it a spin before October 1st!

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