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Look, I'm not going to be the first or last person to say 2020 has sucked. Same thing when I say Covid has sucked. This whole affair is a bit stink. However, dare I say it, some good things have come out of this new way of living, and one of my favorites of these is the rise of author panels. I've been eating these up as they come out, and it's been a win/win all around as far as I'm concerend. For me, I get to see readings and discussions from authors whom I'd never have a chance to see in real life otherwise. And I've also bought something from at least one of the partiipating authors afterwards. And in most cases, I've made multiple purchases. So naturally I was excited when I read Flame Tree Press was getting in on the game. 

On Friday, October 30th, 2020, Flame Tree Press has a whole shindig in store, starting at 4p EST/8p British Time. Just have a look below at all the lineup!

Flame Tree Live & Spooky

On October 30th, climb aboard the bone-chilling, fun-filled rides of Flame Tree Press’ First Annual Creepy Carnival!

Featuring readings, panel discussions, live Q&A, special swag, giveaways, and more

Friday October 30, 2020
4pm Eastern Time / 8pm British Time
Facebook Live @FlameTreePress
YouTube @Flame Tree Press & Audio

*** RSVP: http://flametr.com/livespooky ***


  • The Hellish House of Mirrors - Fresh Perspectives on Mystery, Horror, & Fantasy Fiction: a panel discussion about diversity and storytelling with Catherine Cavendish, V Castro, Faye Snowden, Melissa Prusi, P.D. Cacek, and J.H. Moncrieff
  • The Terrifying Twister - A Live Q&A with Jonathan Janz: Hot on the heels of the release of “The Raven”, one of modern horror's most buzzworthy authors answers questions about his books, writing and influences
  • The Fearful Ferris Wheel - The After Sundown Special: Led by anthology editor Mark Morris, a collection of today’s best and brightest writers -- CJ Tudor, Robert Shearman and Laura Purcell -- chat about influences, writing in lockdown, the real world catching up with fiction
  • The Ghoulish Ghost Train - From Pop Culture to Cult Classics: Join authors John Everson, Hunter Shea, Tim Waggoner, and JG Faherty for a lively discussion about horror in books, films, and more
  • The Cruel Carousel - Pitching, Querying & Going Beyond the Writer’s Craft: Shopping a manuscript? Considering literary representation? Interested in a peek behind the scenes of the publishing world? Join this insightful and info-packed session with esteemed genre fiction editor Don D’Auria, literary agent and author Anne Tibbetts, and Flame Tree publisher and founder Nick Wells

About the Event

Flame Tree Live & Spooky is set to take place over the course of approximately five (5) hours on Friday October 30, 2020.

A virtual celebration of #spookyseason, Flame Tree’s first annual Creepy Carnival will be simultaneously broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube, and other platforms, and will feature a range of pre-recorded and livestream sessions with Flame Tree authors, contributors, and team members, as well as a few friends of Flame Tree.

Attendees can expect to tune in for exclusive readings, lively discussions, and live Q&As, as well as the chance to interact directly with their favorite authors, gain knowledge from industry insiders, and to win special swag and prizes from Flame Tree.

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