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After a successful world premiere as part of FrightFest 2022's New Blood strand and follw-up screenings at the Dead Northern and Future Gate: Kinomixer film festivals, Will Higo's intense, single-location thriller The Group will be available to rent or buy in North America on the following platforms:

  • Vudu
  • InDemand
  • Dish
  • Hoopla
  • Kanopy
  • Directv
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon


After an overdose, heroin addict Kara (Evangelina Burton) returns to the support group she washed out of six months earlier to try and make amends for a tragic past mistake. This is it. Her last chance to make things right. However, with tensions in the group threatening to boil over, it becomes clear that not everyone can forgive and forget…

When a new member, Jack, (Dylan Baldwin) pulls a gun in the meeting, taking the group hostage, they are quickly thrown into a fight for their lives. The rules have changed. He wants them to reveal the sins that brought them here and in turn, if he finds them deserving of his mercy, he’ll let them leave. They needed a higher power to take control of their lives, and now they have one.

Through the cycle of confession and betrayal, the group begins to fracture. Will they be able to overcome their differences long enough to fight back and escape?

Director Will Higo says of the film:

Having supported a family member through addiction, I’ve always been interested in the transformative effect of recovery. Is the person that emerges from that process the same as the one that went in? How responsible would they be for the actions of their prior self? And what happens to those they wronged? When writing the script, I began to imagine a character that couldn’t accept this process. Someone who needed a purpose for their rage and sorrow and to what lengths they would go to express this. It was from the germ of these ideas, that ‘Jack’ and The Group were born.

From this germ of an idea, the script evolved into something akin to an inverse Liam Neeson thriller; the POV flipped from the avenging Father to his victims. Suddenly what was once righteous, became horrific; purposeful retribution became obsessive vengeance.

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