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Coming in Spring 2020 is Deadly Ten, a series produced by Full Moon Features live-streaming the production of ten original genre films. Principal photography starts in June 2019 and will continue in Europe and North America throughout the year. Deadly Ten will make its premiere exclusively on Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel.

In an unprecedented move, Full Moon will be giving fans an all access pass to this unique production by providing an inside peek into the magic of genre filmmaking. Fans will be able to log into the DEADLY TEN website ( and watch the current motion picture being shot in real time. Live feeds, exclusive on-set interviews, special effects secrets, pre-and post-production videos, interactive director's blogs and more. Through this immersive experience, cineastes and budding young filmmakers can delve deep into mechanics of the movies and learn first-hand all about the joys, struggles, creativity, and hard work that goes into making a fully produced, independent feature film.

"This is one of the most exciting Full Moon production initiatives since our '90s video store heyday," says Full Moon founder and cult movie legend Charles Band. "It's ambitious, high concept, a bit insane and there's never been another interactive filmmaking concept quite like this. As Full Moon thrives in the new terrain of streaming and takes viewers to places not many have gone before, we hope fans will love being a part of our new adventure!"

The DEADLY TEN film slate will include:

  • BLADE: THE IRON CROSS (Dir:John Lechago)
  • NECROPOLIS: LEGION (Dir: Chris Alexander)
  • SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA 2 (Dir: David De Coteau, Brinke Stevens)
  • BLOOD RISE: SUBSPECIES V (Dir: Ted Nicolaou)
  • HALLOWEED NIGHT (Dir: Danny Draven)
  • THE HOURGLASS (Dir: Ryan Brookhart)
  • FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH (Dir: Lindsey Schmitz)
  • THE SHADOWHEART CURSE (Dir: Charles Band)
  • THE GRIM RAPPER (Dir: Billy Butler)

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