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Gallows Press has officially opened its doors with six launch titles. In celebration of this, for a limited time you can get all six books for just $50 by clicking here. Check out the titles below:



Powerlines SmallPowerlines
Written by Kurt Newton
Released on April 13th, 2012

After his beloved brother is killed in Iraq, Ethan decides to take a weekend hike to clear his head and to get in touch with nature. His destination is a stretch of power lines that run deep into the forests of Connecticut. His journey will bring him through a reclusive area surrounded by mysteries and strange legends. Kissing his beloved and patient girlfriend, Lindsey, goodbye, Ethan sets off on his adventure.

It doesn’t take Ethan long to discover that the stories are true…something strange and insidious is hidden in the Connecticut countryside.

Something deadly.

When Ethan fails to show up at their rendezvous point, she knows that something is horribly wrong. Finding local law enforcement to be uncooperative, she partners up with an unlikely friend as she enters the woods in search of her lover.
As they follow the power lines deep into the woods, they have no idea what awaits.

From Kurt Newton, author of
The Wishnik , Dark Demons, and The Brainpan Concerto.


Faint Of Heart SmallFaint of Heart
Written by Jeff Strand
Released on April 4th, 2012

Rebecca Harpster is frightened of spending the night alone, but she assures her husband Gary that she'll be fine when he goes out camping with his buddies for the weekend. They have a safe little home in the woods of Alaska with an excellent security system. Yeah, she knows she'll spend the entire time jumping at every noise, but she also knows that the danger is all in her head.
By Sunday night, Gary still hasn't returned.

And when somebody shows up at the house, it's not her husband.

At gunpoint, Rebecca learns what has happened. Two men have kidnapped Gary. He went through a weekend of pure hell.

They'll give him back to her, but first, Rebecca has to relive his entire experience, step by horrific step...

…and survive...


Infinity House SmallInfinity House
Written by Shane McKenzie
Released on March 27th, 2012

Mama had always forbade Mike from going to the old house…she said it was pure evil, that the devil lived there. Grandmamma did, too, back when she could still think straight. Hell, everybody in the poverty and crime-ridden Oak knew to stay away from it.
But when a drug deal goes bad, and Mike is left penniless and desperate, he and his younger brother, James, do the unthinkable. In the dead of night, they sneak onto the unkempt property in search of rumored treasures. Beneath the thick shadow cast by the deserted home, they find what they are looking for.

But brothers get greedy. Enticed by the promise of enough riches to get them out of the doomed neighborhood, the pair enters the house.

And soon discover that the truth can be much worse than legend.


Time is ever rotting, and the flies and maggots will devour every moment before it passes.


The Gallows SmallThe Gallows: An Anthology
Written by AUTHOR
Released on April 12th, 2012

From GP comes a collection of 11 tales showcasing the narrative talents of the Gallows authors. THE GALLOWS anthology is the perfect book for readers looking to sample what our talented storytellers have to offer. Includes “Pigs” by Erik Williams, “The Pit” by Kurt Newton, “China” by Gene O’Neill, “Jam” by Mark Allan Gunnells, “Craving Soul Food” by Sam W. Anderson, “Mirror World” by Liam Davies, “Rotting Love” by T.G. Arsenault, “Unknown Causes” by Frank Duffy, “He’s Just a Baby” by Shane McKenzie, “Writer’s Block” by Chris Hedges, and “Children of Filth” by Brian Knight.


Sisters SmallSisters
Written by Brian Knight
Released on April 8th, 2012


“Sister” – They found her inside a trash bin when she was nine months old. She lived; Sister didn’t. Now 13, Sister has become a permanent voice in her head. One that tells her things she shouldn’t know. One that wants control.

“Go Girls Rule!” – Once, Jill was a child star. In front of the camera, she acted alongside her sisters in the immensely popular TV show, The Go Girls. Behind the scenes, she was victimized by her adopted father and show producer. Now a prostitute, Jill lives in the constant shadow of her past celebrity. When a villain from her past returns, one who should be dead, the Go Girls will have to reunite one final time.

“Toys in the Attic” – Trapped in the attic, abandoned by their mother, Beth and Jamie fight to survive the solitude, their hunger, their fears, and The Place They Don’t Dare Go…

“I Am the Coyote, I Am the Snake” – Abducted by a biker gang when she was only thirteen, she’s been kept drugged and addicted, traded from biker to biker, forced to service her men without question. She is a slave with no real identity, no will, no hope. But everything changes when she is traded to Samus…

“Dakota” – Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dakota has only months to live. While she wrestles with her own mortality, she teaches her devastated and weary mother a lesson about love, life, and what it means to truly live.

“A Night In The Blues” – “The Blues are beautiful, but dangerous.  They cloud your good senses,” Taylor’s uncle had told her. She knew that the wild, mountainous terrain had once swallowed an entire family. Now she is lost in The Blues, and as darkness falls, something is following her…


The Creek SmallThe Creek
Written by Chris Hedges

Released on April 15th, 2012

It was the summer of 1985, and Charlie and Sam were both 11 years old.

Despite being from opposite sides of the tracks, Charlie and Sam are best friends. Peddling along the back roads of the quiet town of Flatrock, the two plan for a summer of fun, mischief and discovery.

While visiting Shephard's Creek, a scenic hangout for local children, they meet Lizzy. Energetic and pretty, the precocious girl immediately captures the boys' attention. As the trio ventures further into the natural, but treacherous, playground, life couldn't get any better for them.

Then, in a split second, their lives are changed forever... And in the shadow of tragedy, the two boys learn a harsh lesson about death, abuse, and friendship.

It was the summer 1985, the summer Charlie and Sam killed a girl.

A novelette by Chris Hedges. Includes the bonus story “Sam I Am”.





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