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Oni Press has released a new young adult dark fantasy series as a complete surprise. Kriss #1 from Ted Naifeh and Warren Wucinich is available right now digitally with new issues dropping every month. A trade paperback collecting the series is scheduled for September. Kriss follows a teen boy as he searches for his destiny which leads him into darkness.

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Lean, ghostly pale, and permanently grim-faced, Kriss has always been an outsider in his small village. Not even his adoptive parents love him. Only Anja, the blacksmith's daughter, brings kindness and friendship into the life of the sullen teenager. But Kriss is haunted by dim memories of his true father, Erikk Iron Tooth, the king of Darkovia.

When Anja's mother is killed by a wild sabercat from the far north, the young girl's world is shattered, and Kriss determines to avenge her. Armed with only a pitchfork, the skinny teen sets out to kill the beast, only to learn that it's actually a dark spirit from Darkovia, come to bring him his destiny. The spirit grants Kriss the power to vanquish the mightiest foes, and commands him to reclaim his father's kingdom. But his gift of power comes with a price — uncontrollable rage. And leaving the village would mean leaving Anja, the only person who's always been there for him. Kriss must choose between his destiny and Anja, who needs his friendship more than ever. But his growing power, and the fiery anger that comes with it, threatens to make the choice for him, and burn everything he holds dear.

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“Everyone always asks why I only write female characters. I never had a good answer, so I thought I'd try writing a male protagonist,” said Ted Naifeh. “Warren did a magnificent job coloring Courtney Crumrin and Princess Ugg, so I'm delighted to see him take the wheel and design a whole story world.”

“Ted has a wonderful knack for turning tropes on their heads, and I feel privileged working with him in bringing this new tale to readers,” said Warren Wucinich. “Stories like Kriss are exactly the kind of stories I got into comics to tell.”

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