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Right about now our American readers are going to be be thinking "What the hell is a Gogglebox and who the hell are Steph & Dom?" (insert your own expletives to suit). Well here in the UK we have a TV show called Gogglebox, which is a reality show about people watching TV. Yes, really. Steph & Dom are a well-heeled pair of alcohol enthusiasts wo are, apparently, big fans of The Walking Dead which returns to UK screens on FOX TV at 9pm on Monday 15th. Given the Season 6 second-half's proximity to Valentine's day, the reality TV couple have re-enacted romantic scenes from classic movies and given them a zombie twist. Read on for the official line...

Steph and Dom transform into walkers to celebrate their love for The Walking Dead.

As an alternative to all the romance this Valentine’s, the only date die-hard The Walking Dead fans Steph and Dom need is Monday 15th February, as their favourite show returns on FOX. To celebrate they have recreated four iconic romantic film scenes and given them a Walking Dead twist. Proving that love truly is in the eye of the beholder, rotting flesh and zombie innards can’t dampen their feelings for each other. Who said romance is dead? Haven’t got a date this year? The Walking Dead will be your perfect companion.

Proving that all they really want to do is devour each other Steph and Dom have recreated the looks from Titanic, Lady and the Tramp, Ghost and Love Actually (which originally featured a familiar face in the shape of Andrew Lincoln) giving a totally new-look to love. Transformed into walkers by SFX make-up artist Liz Hart. Steph and Dom will appear as you have never seen them before.

"We jumped at the chance to become walkers from The Walking Dead", commented Steph and Dom. "After 17 years of marriage it’s very important to share similar interests and watching The Walking Dead is something we both immensely enjoy. We loved taking these romantic pictures and zombifying them. Seeing each other as zombies was a bit of a shock, but if we were in a zombie apocalypse together we would definitely eat each other last".


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We left off series 6 part A with an uncertain future. Just as things looked like they might settle, disaster came crashing down in the form of the watchtower collapsing giving way to the walkers to invade Alexandria. With everyone dispersed in different locations what will become of their fate? Carol and Morgan were knocked unconscious by a member of the Wolves gang as he kidnapped the town’s only doctor Denise. Meanwhile Deanna was bitten by a walker and left behind to fend for herself as the remaining group including Rick, Michonne and Jessie decided to mask their scents by covering themselves with walker entrails. On the road Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are stopped by a group of bikers. They demand all their supplies and the truck, saying all of it now belongs to Negan. As we celebrate everything gruesome and walker, taking romance to an un-dead level, you’d have to be brain dead not to want The Walking Dead as your Valentine.

The Walking Dead series 6 Part B will premiere on Monday 15th February 9pm on FOX.

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