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AfterShock Comics has announced its second title written by Peter Milligan with God of Tremors. This joins Out of Body from the publisher. Debuting in August, God of Tremors is illustrated by Piotr Kowalski, colored by Brad Simpson, and lettered by Simon Bowland. It's a 19th century gothic horror story of exorcism, demonic worship, and epilepsy.

When Aubrey has his first seizure, he’s pulled out of school and hidden away in the family’s remote country estate. His father — a high-ranking English priest — tries to chase the “devil” out of Aubrey — but maybe the devil lurks in the grotesque pagan effigy that dwells on the grounds. And maybe the devil will turn out to be Aubrey’s only ally…

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“It’s a story of dark secrets, shameful longings and terrifying changes. A Gothic tale of isolation and horror.” says Milligan. “Aubrey is a young man living in a straight-laced, 19th century English Victorian world, whose father is a vicar, renowned for his fiery speeches against the evils of new scientific ideas. When Aubrey has his first epileptic seizure it begins a harrowing series of ‘exorcisms’, as both Aubrey and his father are convinced his condition is the work of the devil. Hidden away in his father’s country estate, Aubrey’s only release is walking in the wild woods that surround the house. It’s deep in these woods that Aubrey discovers an ancient stone pagan effigy that slowly changes his and all his family’s lives.”

Milligan cites the short story 'Sredni Vashtar' by Saki as an influence on God of Tremors. It follows a sickly child who invents a religion around a pet pole cat, mixing Edwardian decency and horror.

God of Tremors features a main cover by Kowalski and Simpson with an incentive cover by Michael Gaydos. The 48-page comic will retail for $6.99 and is set for release on August 18th, 2021.

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