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The anthology is a pillar of the horror comics landscape and Tenebrous Press is getting in on the action with Green Inferno. Currently on Kickstarter, the anthology features almost 200 pages of terror from 18 creators across 6 countries. It's describes as the intersection of literary horror and underground comix, creating something new the publisher has dubbed “terrestrial horror.” These are tales bound only by the constraints of our angry world.

2020 bathed us all in a litany of real world Horror that needs no recounting here; no doubt you’ve suffered through your fair share of it. Corruption, injustice, rage and contagion have carved any remaining shreds of our lingering naivete into sharp, cruel focus.

Lurking just out of focus, however--on the periphery of our collective vision--is a stark realization: our planet’s tolerance for humankind has reached a burning point. Earth is at the end of its rope.

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Green Inferno is edited by Matt Blairstone. It features work from Diane Barker, Kristofor Harris, Umiyuri Katsuyamaw/Toshiya Kamei, Lorna D. Keach, Spencer Koelle, Jordan Kroeger, Michelle Lodge, Ian McGinty, Eric Neher, Lena Ng, Harry Nordlinger, Marc Sorondo, Harrison Webb, Alex Woodroe, and more.

Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include digital and physical copies of the book itself, posters, stickers, editorial assistance for your own stories, and more. The campaign runs through April 1st, 2021.

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