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Screenvision Halloween Re Release 01

Starting on October 25th, the 1978 classic Halloween will be back on the big screen thanks to the teaming of Screenvision and Compass International Pictures and Trancas International Films. Perhaps one of John Carpenter's most highly regarded films and certainly a well deserved consistent movie in any top ten (or even five) best horror film list, Halloween will be presented in a new HD transfer and 5.1 audio.

From the press release:
Screenvision's presentation of Halloween will also include an exclusive documentary short entitled You Can't Kill The Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween." The documentary focuses on the undeniable impact the film, and series, has had on culture and the genre. A full list of exhibiting theaters will be announced soon.

In the film, the villain, Michael Myers, has spent the last 15 years locked away inside a sanitarium under the care of child psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis. On October 30, 1978, Myers escapes and makes his way back home to Haddonfield, turning a night of tricks and treats into something much more sinister for three young women, including Laurie Strode, the star-making role for Jamie Lee Curtis.  Dr. Loomis is their only hope, but will he find his shadow-dwelling patient in time?

"We are thrilled to bring John Carpenter's original
Halloween back to the screen after almost 35 years," says series producer Malek Akkad. "We are excited for fans from coast to coast to finally get the ultimate theatrical experience."

Darryl Schaffer, EVP of Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision said: "We're excited to bring the movie that helped define the horror genre back to the big screen for this timely exhibition."

This is pretty fantastic. I know that every time something like this is announced there are people that piss and moan that it's not the film version and it's a digital screening. I can see where those folks are coming from, and on one hand I agree because I would rather see movies such as this in film, too. But let's be realistic, with a nice looking digital copy, you can get it out to more theaters at a much cheaper cost, thus affording more fans, both old and new, to check it out on the big screen for the first or hundredth time, and that's pretty damn awesome.

Halloween at the theater, with a short documentary as well? Count me in for sure. I went to a Halloween showing a few years ago and the fact that it was a digital run was irrelevant because the experience was fantastic. If this is playing anywhere near you, I highly recommend you grab your friends and go check it out.

For more information, visit www.HalloweenMovies.com and the Screenvision Halloween page.










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