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Headspace Directors Cut Amazon UsFreestyle Digital Media has announced the release of Headspace: The Director's Cut on cable and internet video on demand in North America on April 24th. Originally released theatrically in February of 2006, director Andrew van den Houten has updated it and Headspace now runs five minutes shorter than the original release. Based on a story by Troy McCombs, the script was written by Steve Klausner and William M. Miller and produced by van den Houten and Miller, with Marius Kerdel executive producing.

When Alex (Christopher Denham) encounters a mysterious stranger, he begins to get smarter each day.  It's not long before he realizes that his new intellect comes with deadly side effects. Headaches and visions plague him at every step.  Soon, savage unexplainable murders are linked to him.  Now, it's a race against time as Alex discovers that the source of this evil may not be human and the key to this mystery may be in his own past.

In addition to the shorter running time of 84 minutes, this director's cut will also be in high definition for the first time. This is also the first time an R-rated version will be available to audiences who first saw it on basic cable in 2009.

"I'm thrilled that I'm finally able to make my intended vision of Headspace available to the public" said van den Houten.  "This director's cut serves the story better while emphasizing the amazing abilities of everyone involved.  When I revisited my first feature, I realized that there was a better more taut way to present this thriller for a more satisfying experience for the viewer."

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