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Hellboy: The Board Game just got a bit bigger as Mantic Games, Dark Horse Comics, and Mike Mignola have announced a new limited-edition expansion, Hellboy in Mexico. This features new heroes, new missions, and new villains.

This expansion was previously only available as an optional extra in the Kickstarter campaign. It tells the story of Hellboy's lost period in Mexico when he became a Mexican wrestler, fought vampires alongside three luchador brothers, and squared off against Camazotz, the giant wrestling vampire bat.

“We’ve had fantastic success with Hellboy: The Board Game and the first retail expansion, The Wild Hunt,” said Ronnie Renton, Mantic Games CEO. “When we were looking at Hellboy adventures that would translate well into the board game, we just knew the larger-than-life Mexican encounter would be an absolute blast and provide some superb miniatures. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Hellboy in a wrestling outfit?”

Hellboy in Mexico is available directly from Mantic Games or from gaming stores. It will not be available again once it's sold out.


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