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Hellboy In Hell CoverSometimes teaser images succeed all too much at their intention.  It's one thing to give a little sneak peek at a movie or a comic but when you get an awesome image like this one, you know this is just a tease and there's going to be so much more.

Hellboy in Hell.  Mike Mignola killed his signature character last year and outside of flashbacks to previous stories in his long history, he hasn't come back.  He's really dead.  Of course, in the world of Hellboy, demons and the supernatural are an everyday occurrence.  As he was pulled from the fiery reaches of Hell to begin with, it stands to reason that that's where he'd end up when he left this mortal coil.

The current landscape in the Mignolaverse is a devastating one as evidenced by B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth.  The world is in shambles and people are dying.  My question is, if Hell's on Earth?  What's the real Hell actually like?  

The first issue of Hellboy in Hell hits stands on December 5th, 2012.  What are you looking forward to the big red guy duking it out with down there?



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