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Horror Escape Comes to London

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In September 2019, the folks behind Horror Escape are opening their brand new horror-themed escape room gaming centre in Peckham, London. Featuring five different scenarios, with varying degrees of terror for the participants, the centre is riding the wave of popularity of both escape rooms and scare events in the UK.

Horror Escape operates the most immersive horror-themed escape scenarios in the UK, where teams of between two and six people have 60 minutes to work through a scenario and attempt to escape. Participants must find clues, solve puzzles and try their best to survive the terrors which await them.

Horror Escape London Cabin Fever Horror Escape London Escape From Wonderland

There will be five scenarios on offer when the centre opens, all designed by specialists and using the latest technologies (including fully functional animatronics) and are completely private, meaning you won't be playing with anyone you aren't fully comfortable with. The scenarios are: Escape from Wonderland (see teaser below), Cabin Fever, Murder Mansion, Lost in Space and Primal Fear. Each offers varying degrees of difficulty and 'fright factor' indicating how scary the scenario is. Will you choose the relative calm of Escape from Wonderland, rated two on the fright factor scale, or do you have the nerve to put yourself up against the five-rated Murder Mansion for maximum terror?

Horror Escape London Lost In Space Horror Escape London Murder Mansion

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