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Monsters, Inc meets Men in Black in the new horror mystery series Blu Lullaby from Action Lab: Danger Zone. The series from writer Chad Perkins and artist Andrea Montano made ts digital first debut on ComiXology this week. It follows Winter and Blu, a survivor of child abuse and the monster under her bed, respectively, as they investigate and stop a series of child kidnappings. They are the unlikely detective agency called Safety Blanket.

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"Essentially I like to think of this as if Monsters, Inc. decided to see the dark sides of a child's life," creator/writer Chad Perkins comments. "Not every child is afraid of the monster in their closet or the shadow in the corner smiling back at them." He adds, “I think the one thing I want readers to get out of this book is an enjoyable experience; I want this to be a comic someone who is just starting out can read and a comic veteran can also enjoy...”

Blu Lullaby asks us what we're most afraid of: the monster under our bed? Or something far far worse?

All four issues of Blu Lullaby are available now on ComiXology with a trade paperback collection comings out on September 18th, 2019.

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