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Anyone who knows my reading habits, they'll tell you I love a good anthology. And, I'm not going to lie, this upcoming release of Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters looks to be a great one. First, it's edited by Sadie Hartmann and Ashley Sawyers, the team behind Night Worms. Night Worms delivers a horror book package right to your doorstep each month, and I'm not shy of my love for the company. Hell, I've done multiple unbaggings of their packages (and I'm long overdue for one). So, right off the bat, we have tremendous horror readers picking out the tales.

Second, just look at that cover up there. Isn't it glorious?

Third, LOOK AT THAT TABLE OF CONTENTS. Holy hell, I think I'm going to need to keep a Shamwow nearby for the talent dripping from those pages.

You can pre-order Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters directly from the publisher by clicking here.

Not all monsters are fantasy. Some are very real, and they walk among us. They're our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. They're the people we're supposed to trust...and they know it. Contained within this anthology are 35 never-before-published works by supremely talented authors and best-selling novelists. Brace yourself for the unexpected and unimaginable horror of…human monsters. Edited by Sadie Hartmann and Ashley Saywers of Night Worms. Cover art by Olly Jeavons.

DARK MATTER PRESENTS: HUMAN MONSTERS includes the following authors and stories:

Linda D. Addison
Me & My Shadow

Gemma Amor

Jena Brown
The Better Man

Nat Cassidy
Jubilee Juncture

Venezia Castro
Between the Crosses, Row on Row

Andrew Cull
The Heartbreak Boys

Andy Davidson
The Myth of Pasiphaë

L. P. Hernandez
The Bystander

Laurel Hightower
Scrying Eyes

C. S. Humble
Ambush Predator

Emma Alice Johnson
Five Ways to Kill Your Rapist on a Farm

Jeremy Robert Johnson
The Protest

Stephen Graham Jones
One and Done

Rebecca Jones-Howe

Caroline Kepnes
I Did a Thing

Samantha Kolesnik
One Man's Trash

Chad Lutzke
Grave Bait

Josh Malerman
A Sunny Disposition

Catherine McCarthy
Monster Misunderstood

Francesca McDonnell Capossela

Jeremy Megargee

Tim Meyer
The Total Price of One Human Baby, Sales Tax Included

S. P. Miskowski
Down the Road You Might Change Your Mind

Archita Mittra
The Other Wives

Stephanie Nelson
Into the Barn

Leah Ning

Cynthia Pelayo
Kill Me With Lipstick

Sam Rebelein
7 PM Awards Ceremony, Followed by Girl Scout Auction at 8

Belicia Rhea
Victim 6

Stephen S. Schreffler
Barry & Lich

Greg Sisco
Everyone's a Critic

Elton Skelter

John F. D. Taff
Everything You Want to Be, Everything You Are

Dana Vickerson
Drea's Sparkly Pink Kaboodle

Kelsea Yu
I Swear I Didn't Kill the Others

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