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Enormous CoverWe human beings have been living the high life on the top of the food chain for ages.  If we want to eat an animal, we just go out there and kill it...or we buy it pre-killed at the local supermarket.  All of that changes in Enormous, a new graphic novella coming from Image Comics through their Shadowline imprint this July.  Written by Tim Daniel and illustrated by Mehdi Cheggour, the book takes place in a world where a cataclysmic ecological event has created giant beasts that have overrun human civilization.  Cities are destroyed and survivors must avoid being hunted -- and stepped on -- by these huge creatures.

In all this, a young woman named Ellen Grace braves the streets to rescue lost children.  Unfortunately for her, gigantic wildebeests aren't the only thing she needs to watch out for.  She should be wary of her fellow man.

"By the time we enter the world of Enormous, being at the bottom of the food-chain is something humans have been experiencing for a while," said Daniel.  "As a result, there is no consensus around how we're going to survive as a species.  There are a few human factions, each operating with a fairly distinct agenda, the motivations of which may well be far beyond their understanding.  Regardless of what might prove to be the driving force for each character, the law of the land is simple: hunt or be hunted."


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I'm unfamiliar with Daniel's work and I don't think I've ever heard of Cheggour, but I did hear that he got picked up for the gig after drawing Morning Glories fan art.  Regardless, Enormous sounds like a pretty cool idea.  Sort of a King Kong meets I Am Legend.  The graphic novella is 64 pages, presented in an oversized "treasury" format.  Look for it at your local comic shop this July.






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