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I love Hunt A Killer. I've been digging its Blair Witch mystery immensely, and have been talking about it often. It's really so much fun because the detail and care put into it are top-notch. And don't get me started on the fantastic story I'm part of. Hell, you can check out my review of my progress so far by clicking here. So to say I'm a bit excited about the announcement of Hunt A Killer's plans for a new line of games would be a bit of an understatement. Now I just need to go find some friends to play it with.

If these games are anywhere close to the enjoyment of the mysteries the company already puts out, boy, we're in for a treat.

Hunt A Killer is rolling out bone-chilling mysteries for a summer to remember. The immersive entertainment company announced today an ambitious plan to launch three new, all-in-one games over the next three months. The company also announced retail availability for these new games on Amazon and at Target.

“Our team is thrilled to announce three new mystery games this summer and our expanding presence in online, and brick-and-mortar retail stores,” said Ryan Hogan, CEO and Co-founder of Hunt A Killer. “We are very excited with the response of our games at the retail level and are responding with a fantastic set of new storylines. We continue our growth beyond the subscription, multi-episode model to include more all-in-one fully immersive games.”

Following the success of their first all-in-one game for the retail channel, Death At The Dive Bar, players will soon be able to purchase Murder At The Motel at Target and order Body On The Boardwalk on Amazon. In addition, Hunt A Killer is also launching a new premium box, Camp Calamity, through their website.

Each game provides all the clues necessary to solve the mystery in one action packed box. The realistic evidence, including police reports, newspaper clippings, personal effects from characters, and more will help players discover the killer's means and motive. All-in-one games can be played solo, or with friends and family for a memorable game night experience.

“Whether stuck at home, out on a camping trip, or visiting friends, these games are sure to add the elements of mystery and fun to any activity,” said Hogan. “We always strive to give our growing community of members and fans what they crave, unique and challenging storylines that are exciting and interactive.”

The first retail game to release this summer will be Murder At The Motel, available at Target and Target.com on June 20th. The game centers on the murder of Julian Foard, an independent contractor who was renovating The Sunset Motel in Garfield, Nevada. Players must work to eliminate suspects, uncover love triangles, and most importantly, uncover the truth about what happened to Julian on the day he died.

Body On The Boardwalk will be available to order from Amazon in late August. This game will challenge players to solve the murder of Katie Dunn, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the Brittany Beach Boardwalk. After Katie’s death, her boyfriend Teo quickly becomes the prime suspect. Teo’s mother hopes to clear his name, but even she has to admit that the evidence against her son looks bad. This new roller coaster of a mystery will be a thrill ride for players.

Finally, Camp Calamity is a new premium box that will be available on the Hunt A Killer website in late July. This premium all-in-one release will be available at a lower price point compared to their traditional premium games, while still providing the same stirring experience. With this new game, players will investigate clues to discover the murder of a camp counselor whose charred remains were found in Camp Ashburnes fire pit.

Hunt A Killer’s upcoming plans include continued expansion into retail and e-tail throughout this year and next, and will soon announce more new releases and partnerships. To learn more please visit www.huntakiller.com.

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