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Been moping around the house, looking for something to do, something that will exercise your mind? Hunt A Killer has you covered! This summer, the company will be releasing three new mysteries for you to solve! Check out what's in store below!

Everyone knows that summer is a time for adventure, a good campfire story, and a little mystery too. Hunt A Killer, the immersive entertainment company, announced today the upcoming release of three new mystery experiences. Players will investigate and solve cases revolving around a death at a vineyard, a murder on a luxury yacht, and the mysterious death of a famous figure skating coach.

“There’s nothing better than tackling a mystery with family and friends,” said Yasmin Moorman, Hunt A Killer’s Chief Business and Operating Officer. “We’ve created three fantastic games that are perfect to play at home, or while traveling this summer. The games are going to thrill our longtime fans and new players will be hooked when they realize that no one produces a better mystery than Hunt A Killer.”

The three new games are Dead on the Vine, Dead Below Deck, and Murder on Ice. All feature the distinctive Hunt A Killer mix of intriguing and realistic clues, unique puzzles to solve, unrivaled storytelling, and unmatched attention to detail. Dead on the Vine and Dead Below Deck are both all-in-one games, and Murder on Ice will be a new installment of the company’s award-winning subscription box service.

Here are the details of each new game:

dead on the vine

  • Dead on the Vine – One night in July, members of the Llewyn family gather at the family vineyard to celebrate a birthday. After a tumultuous night full of arguments and a big factory malfunction, the clan matriarch, Gail, is found dead in her bed. The police rule it an accident, but the autopsy reveals the presence of poison. In this new premium box experience, players take on the role of the detective to determine who is lying, where the suspects were during the night, and who is hiding secrets. This all-in-one game provides all of the clues in one box and has no digital components, making it perfect to bring along for summer activities. The game is priced at $69.99 and is now available to order on Hunt A Killer’s store at https://store.huntakiller.com/dead-on-the-vine.
    dead below deck 01
  • Dead Below Deck – Rachel Veinson, a stewardess aboard a luxury yacht, is found dead in the ship's sauna while on an overnight cruise. The police ruled it an accident and declared she slipped and hit her head. Her friend, Jen Hornigolder, isn’t so sure. In this new game, players become the detectives and will use realistic evidence, immersive clues, and engaging puzzles to solve the mystery. The all-in-one box will be exclusively sold at Target and Target.com for $31.99, and is expected to be available at the end of July.

murder on ice

  • Murder on Ice – Hunt A Killer is adding a new and unique storyline to its portfolio of subscription box seasons. Set in the world of competitive figure skating, players will work to solve the murder of world-renowned skating coach, Nathan LaPalma, who was found dead with his throat slit by the blade of an ice skate. Players will need to analyze the suspects’ timelines, decode cryptic notes, solve skating-themed puzzles, and more in order to catch the killer. This new season will be available to subscribers as the next subscription box season available to play following the season of Royal Street. For more information on Hunt A Killer’s subscription boxes, please go to https://store.huntakiller.com/plans.

Hunt A Killer has also recently announced the release of Hunt A Killer: The Detective’s Puzzle Book. The book is published by Ulysses Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster, with an expected release date of June 28th. It is currently available to pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold, and will also be available on the Hunt A Killer website to order.

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