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I love Hunt A Killer. The games from them that I've played have been a delight. They aren't so much games as they are experiences. You really have to use your noggin to get things solved, and not rely on a lucky roll of the die. So color me excited with the company's recent announcement of three more releases, including an interactive jigsaw puzzle, YA novel, and puzzle book!

If you haven't already, make sure to head over to Hunter A Killer's website.

Hunt A Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror themed games, has officially announced an expansion to its portfolio of immersive experiences. Hunt A Killer is releasing a number of firsts for the company, including an immersive jigsaw puzzle titled, Whodonut?, a YA novel published by Scholastic titled, Perfect Score, and Hunt A Killer: The Detective's Puzzle Book, published by Ulysses Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster. Both the jigsaw puzzle and YA novel are releasing in May, with the puzzle book releasing in June.

“Great storytelling is our passion and these new launches promise fun and unique puzzles to solve,” said Yasmin Moorman, Chief Business and Operating Officer at Hunt A Killer. “We live to create new experiences for our fans. This is our first ever jigsaw puzzle, novel and puzzle book, and we’re thrilled to have customers piece together our mysteries in new ways and formats. There is nothing ordinary about these products.”

Here are details on each of Hunt A Killer’s new releases:
• Whodonut? - With this unique jigsaw puzzle, players will take on the role of a deputized detective to find the truth about the mysterious death of the co-owner of Do Not Not Donut. Along the way, players will put the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal the crime scene, answer lingering questions in the detective’s notebook, and fill in the blanks to solve the case.

Unlike other murder mystery jigsaw puzzles, Whodonut? has six hidden pieces, each vital in identifying the killer, that the player will have to uncover over the course of their investigation. Included with the puzzle is a detective's notebook filled with important details, along with an answer board. Detectives will have to analyze the details in the notebook and the puzzle to open the correct boxes to the answer board, with each box containing a piece that fits in the puzzle, revealing an important detail about the case. The game is now available to order at https://store.huntakiller.com/whodonut-jigsaw-puzzle.

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• Perfect Score: A Hunt A Killer Novel - This is Hunt A Killer’s first YA novel published by Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company. The book, written by A. M. Ellis and released on May 17th, 2022, tells the story of aspiring PI Jolene Kelley as she opens her own investigation into the death of her guidance counselor at North Shore Prep. It is an original young adult novel featuring a mind-bending mystery, a collection of fascinating characters, and intriguing clues characteristic of Hunt A Killer games. For more information and to order, please visit https://www.huntakiller.com/perfect-score.

• Hunt A Killer: The Detective's Puzzle Book - Put your crime-solving wits to the test with codes, ciphers, and more mind-bending puzzles from the groundbreaking creators at Hunt A Killer. In Hunt A Killer: The Detective’s Puzzle Book, you’ll meet up with private eye Michelle Gray who needs you to hit the books and fine-tune your investigative skills before the next big murder case. The puzzle book is published by Ulysses Press, distributed by Simon & Schuster, and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold, and will also be available on the Hunt A Killer website to order. The book is expected to release on June 28th, 2022. For more details and to pre-order, please visit https://ulyssespress.com/books/hunt-a-killer-the-detectives-puzzle-book/.

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“We love a great mystery, and are excited to bring so many avenues for people to enjoy and let their inner detective out,” said Moorman. “From immersive and fun stories that encourage young people to pick up a book, to fun and interactive games and puzzles that keep minds of various ages active, we love being able to have options for almost everyone!”

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