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I still don’t understand the adult coloring book fad that’s going on right now.  At the time of this publication, there are coloring books out there for The Walking Dead and Spawn, the former is a black-and-white comic to begin with.  Image Comics has since announced a new book from Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland set for release in June.  This one actually sounds pretty fun.

I Hate Fairyland has been described as Alice in Wonderland meets Deadpool.  It follows a six year old girl named Gert who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for thirty years.  She can go free once she completes her quest, but she’s really awful at it.  She’s really good at hacking and slashing her way through just about anything in her way.


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A new story arc will also be kicking off in June with issue #6.  Now that Gert has been crowned the new queen, how will it affect her thirty-year quest to return home?  

“The first arc of I Hate Fairyland was a smaller story in an endless world,” said Young. “Moving forward, I’m going start exploring that endless world with many more stories, adventures and characters.”

“The best thing about making this book is there are no rules!” he added. “You can’t trust a book with no rules and that’s where it starts to get super fun."

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The I Hate Fairyland adult coloring book is set to debut in comic book stores on June 1st and in book stores on June 7th.  I Hate Fairyland #6 drops on June 15th.

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