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A Fine And Private Place 1 CoverIDW Publishing has announced their next comic book adaptation.  They'll be working with author Peter S. Beagle to adopt his first fantasy novel, A Fine & Private Place beginning this September.  The comic will be written by Peter B. Gillis with interior art from Eduardo Francisco and covers by Jenny Frison.  

“It's the kind of book that rarely gets the comics treatment: subtle, poignant, alternately cynically wry and utterly romantic, simultaneously despairing and hopeful—the sort of book that stays with you,” says Gillis. “This is going to be a great endeavor and, if I'm up to it, will make for great comics.”

A Fine & Private Place was first published in 1960.  It follows the character of Jonathan Rebeck, a former pharmacist who has been living in a cemetery in the Bronx for the past 19 years.  Rebeck has the ability to talk to ghosts so I guess he's never lonely.  Other characters in the story include a talking raven that cares for Rebeck,  two unusual spirits, and a widow named Mrs. Klapper.

“First books are always special to writers,” says Beagle, “and this one is particularly important to me because it was born directly from a childhood spent just a block away from the cemetery that was the model for the novel’s setting. I’m thrilled to see my characters and their tale come to life in this new form.”

I have never heard of A Fine & Private Place but it sounds just quirky enough to get me interested.  Gillis has worked with Beagle before on the adaptation of The Last Unicorn, so he knows a thing or two about the guy's work.  The book deals with "memory, love, and the pain of loss" which are all things that everyone can relate to.

The first issue of A Fine & Private Place will be available in September 2012.  It's a 32 page comic retailing for $3.99.

What do you think of this adaptation news?  Are you excited for the latest Beagle book to be turned into a comic?



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