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All good things must come to an end. Such is the case in life and in horror comics. Marvel has announced Immortal Hulk is reaching its conclusion later this year. This series, which has redefined the Hulk mythos and terrified us along the way, begins its wrap-up with August's issue #49 from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett with a main cover by Alex Ross.

"It's finally time to admit it – Immortal Hulk is reaching the end of the story we set out to tell,” Ewing said. “Issue #49 brings jade-jaws to the gates of the abyss and a final accounting of his life - in time for a last issue you'll have to experience to believe."

The gate of divine power, a thing of forever, bears the warning “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” That applies to everyone, including the strongest one there is. I'm getting chills just thinking of this. While I'm upset that such a series is ending, I can't wait to see how it finishes. Immortal Hulk #49 is set for release on August 4th, 2021.

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