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Joe Golem And The Drowning City CoverDark Horse has announced their plans to release Joe Golem and the Drowning City in a limited edition hardcover this September.  The book, a collaboration between Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, picks up after a  séance goes wrong.  Strange gas-mask-wearing men in rubber suits kidnap the old psychic Orlov the Conjuror.  Molly McHugh, the medium's assistant flees through a submerged Manhattan, finding hope in two other weird guys.  Simon Church, a Victorian-era detective held together by magic and clockwork gears, and Joe, who has a past filled with mystery that is only hinted at in dreams featuring stone and witches.


“Joe and his world are made up of all those things I love: crumbling ruins, strange Victorian devices, and unknowable supernatural forces,” said co-creator Mike Mignola. “These are the very same elements that went into the creation of Hellboy, but here hammered into different shape and relocated to New York City. Hellboy is Joe’s country cousin.”

The deluxe hardcover edition of Joe Golem and the Drowning City will be released on September 26th.  The book will feature several illustrations from Mignola along with a signature plate signed by him and Golden.  The whole package will be in a fancy slipcase too.  As if that wasn't enough, the Dark Horse version of the novel will also include the previously unpublished story "Joe Golem and the Copper Girl."  All this for the low price of $99.99.  Did we mention that there would only be 1,000 copies?

What do you think of this deluxe treatment given to Joe Golem?


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