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Jonathan Maberry is no stranger to comics as he has adapted a number of his novels into the medium. This Spring, Rot & Ruin joins the fray thanks to Webtoon. The free comics app will adapt the property, originally published by Simon & Schuster. Rot & Ruin is a coming-of-age story set during a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America. Every teenager is forced to get a job by the time they turn 15. Benny Imura gets the last job he ever wanted as a zombie hunter apprentice, working for his older brother. He'll find out what it means to truly be human by killing the undead.

“As a lifelong devoted fan of comics and a guy who now writes comics, I am absolutely thrilled to have Rot & Ruin become a Webtoon!” said Maberry. “How cool is it to carry around a bunch of zombies in your pocket and who will take a bite out of you when you turn on your phone!”

I am a little confused by this announcement as Rot & Ruin was adapted by IDW Publishing in 2014. Is Webtoon repurposing that existing comic? Or is this a brand new adaptation? I guess we'll find out in the Spring.

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