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If you were wondering how Jughead: The Hunger from Archie Comics could get even more awesome, next month's issue is all about a new monster: FrankenMoose. That name alone should be enough for any Archie fan to run to pick this up. The publisher has shared an exclusive first look at this issue which you can check out below.

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Who—or what—is behind the creation of FrankenMoose? Whatever it is, it may pose the greatest threat to Jughead Jones yet-- and considering this is a guy who's fought bloodthirsty werewolves and armed to the teeth werewolf hunters, that's saying something!

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Jughead: The Hunger #10 is written by Frank Tieri, illustrated by Joe Eisma, colored by Matt Herms, and lettered by Jack Morelli. It will feature a standard cover by Adam Gorham and variant covers by Matthew Dow Smith and Tracy Yardley. The comic is due out on November 21st. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is Monday, October 29th.

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Jughead The Hunger 10 Cover
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