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The Walking Dead phenomenon keeps growing.  Right now you can read a Walking Dead comic while watching a Walking Dead TV show while wearing a Walking Dead t-shirt sitting next to your Walking Dead action figures and that's just scraping the surface.  Now you can play it on your mobile phone.  Scopely has teamed up with creator Robert Kirkman and his company Skybound to release The Walking Dead: Road to Survival on iOS and Android, a free-to-play mobile game set in the world of the comics.

The game drops players right into the action with head-to-head battles, tournaments, and struggles for survival.  You can join friends to create player alliances amongst a worldwide community of gamers, all battling each other for resources and bragging rights.  The game is closely overseen by Kirkman and a creative team heavily involved in the world of the comic.  Players will determine who lives and who dies which affects how future events unfold within the game's narrative.  You'll play alongside major characters such as Rick, Michonne, and the Governor too.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a free-to-play mobile game.  That means that you'll be able to play and enjoy the game without dropping a dime, but if you want the primo resources and weapons, you'll need to pony up the cash to do so.  Based off of stats recently released by Scopely, it's clear that fans are definitely willing to pay to enhance the game experience.  The game has only been out for a short time but it has already been downloaded more than 4 million times, the first 1 million of which came within 24 hours of the launch.  It's currently in the Top 25 Grossing Games charts on iOS devices in 27 countries including the US and the UK.


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