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Killing Floor 2’s Newest Seasonal Update Brings Devastation to Dystopia

Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 unleashed the newest seasonal update Dystopian Devastation on March 23rd, and it comes packed full of new content to whet the appetites of any ZED hunters that had wondered what it would be like to explode heads in the neon lighting of a dystopian society.

What is Killing Floor 2, exactly?

The metal-laced, bloodthirsty sequel to 2009’s first-person shooter Killing Floor. You can brave the hordes alone, or team up with five other players, with each person choosing from ten perks (or classes) that allow you to slaughter ZEDs to your heart’s content. Are you a firebug? Cool, play the perk named exactly that! Do you dig well-timed shots and feel a sense of glory over heads popping off? Sharpshooter is the class for you! There are also different modes, difficulties, and waves, each with the same intent – shoot, explode, heal, and most importantly, survive. Just don’t be a jerk and weld your friends in a room alone with failed science experiments.

Dystopian Devastation? Tell me more, wise ZED hunter!

As far back as the first game, Killing Floor has celebrated special occasions with free, time-sensitive seasonal events and updates, with new maps, weapons, cosmetics, and even occasional monster redesigns that accommodate the theme. Dystopian Devastation is no different, and there’s a wealth of content to explore:

New map: Dystopia 2029

Conquer waves of ZEDs upon gritty, neon-soaked streets. This bleak glimpse into the future can also be appreciated through the new challenges and weekly game modes, which include Blood Thirst and Coliseum – however, this is strongly recommended for veteran mercs, who know a thing or two about carnage!

Two new guns: Gravity Imploder and Beluga Beat

Speaking of carnage, where would you be without the two new weapons available for the Demolitionist and Sharpshooter classes?

The first of these, the Gravity Imploder, blasts canisters at the heads of disgusting ZEDs, resulting in a glorious implosion. There’s also a new HRG (Horzine Research Group) experimental weapon, the Beluga Beat. Want to shred sonically? Charge up a shot, and destroy with greater decibels? This is the weapon for you!

Shiny new cosmetics and updates

Also, no ZED hunter can be expected to slaughter without style, so as expected, the update comes with futuristic cosmetic options and skins, including hats, masks, backpacks, and more. Moreover, there are also added achievements, quality of life tuning, and seasonal store bundles.

To celebrate the release of the update and season, Tripwire Interactive will also be participating in Springtime sales across all platforms! Follow their social channels for information on sales and discounts, coming soon!
Killing Floor 2 is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


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