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The Agents of Atlas are currently at war with the armies of Atlantis in Atlantis Attacks. That epic encounter from writer Greg Pak and artist Ario Anindio is coming to a close with its fifth issue this December and Marvel Comics is tying it into the upcoming King in Black and the coming of Knull. It seems this battle will give way to a new enemy. Marvel has revealed a new cover for Atlantis Attacks #5 from artist Carlo Pagulayan.

"It blows my mind that we're now capping off our third big miniseries for the new Agents of Atlas,” Pak said. “Huge thanks to all the readers and retailers who have made this all possible with their huge support for this team. We're pulling out all the stops with huge payoffs and turning points for key characters—dontcha dare miss it!"

I do have to wonder if this was originally the intended end for this mini-series or if this was an editorial thing to tie some items together. I posit that because on the surface, the two have virtually no overlap. At the very least, it has me interested in Atlantis Attacks where it was previously under my radar.

Atlantis Attacks #5 is set for release in December 2020.

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