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Studio: Iron Monkey (Twitter) https://twitter.com/LazarettoGame
Available on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782699473
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-oneTGi5iA

“Lazaretto”, from the Italian “lazzaretto”, is defined as a quarantine station for those travelling at sea, and were often located on permanently anchored ships or small islands. However, in this case, Lazaretto will also mean first-person survival horror. This game, in development by Iron Monkey – a two-person studio – is planned for release on PC, Mac, Android and iOS in “late 2016”, though no date has yet been announced.

In Lazaretto, you control the descendant of a man who once worked in a facility on a quarantined, believed-to-be-haunted island. Although it seems like a place you'd never choose to spend your time, it's exactly where you must go when a mysterious artefact lands in your possession. So, with nothing but a torch and "nagging curiosity", you head to the island.

As expected, it's dilapidated, decaying and downright spooky. Before long you'll be uncovering stories and characters that will blur the lines between good and bad, real and paranormal. Within the eerie environments promised by Lazaretto, you can also expect to find puzzles that need solving in order to progress. Though, the team promise that these will be "presented organically as storytelling mechanisms, appropriate to the environment".

This two-person team is made up of Paul Osier and Vincent Foster, with Osier in charge of directing, story, UI, and sound design - planned to provide "haunting sounds... of contextual tension" - while Foster heads up programming, 3D art, and animation. Naturally, they both work in collaboration on game design. They have devoted over a year to Lazaretto so far and their hard work can be seen in the growing collection of creepy screenshots.

Lazaretto is still very much in development but has dropped into my lap like the mysterious artefact of the game itself. I need to know more. When this first-person survival horror travels to PC, Mac, Android and iOS in the yet-to-be-decided future, I'll be waiting. If you prefer your horror on console or even VR, the team have these platforms listed as “TBD” (to be decided), so they're not being ruled out without thought. Keep up with the progress of Lazaretto by following the game on Steam, Facebook and Twitter, or by signing up for email updates on their website: http://lazarettogame.com/


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